The statement ‘Serving God by serving His churches’ is not a catch phrase or an empty promise, but a rallying call to action. There is a pressing need for local churches to intercede for the needed of other churches. We clearly recognize the autonomy of the local church and act only as enablers to facilitate their efforts. The SGF offers a framework through which churches can regularly interact, benefit from shared times of fellowship and be blessed through the gifts the Lord has granted to each of our churches. We want our congregations to:

  • have opportunity to study with believers from other churches;
  • be blessed by an exposure to the preaching of pastors and the instruction of teachers outside their own church;
  • be encouraged by hearing what the Lord is doing among our Christian brothers and sisters in other places;
  • be more informed so prayer for one another can be focused and detailed;
  • take on projects corporately that may not easily be done separately;
  • share ideas on how to reach out to our local communities, showing the love of Christ to them in practical ways;
  • be effectively involved in foreign missions, with an eye to the training of pastors, Bible translation, church planting and outreach.

In other words, striving to be those who are “doers of the Word, and not hearers only’ [James 1:22]. While a significant amount of our energy and efforts is directed toward the work and people of the SGF community we warmly invite and welcome any others who wish to join us in our times of fellowship, teaching, preaching and worship!