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Some of the articles in this section of our website contain material that is not endorsed by all the SGF churches. We believe there are certain areas of doctrine that are non-negotiable. These would include such doctrines as: the inerrancy of Scripture; the Trinity; the virgin birth; the atoning work of Christ; the resurrection; the personal return of Christ. However there are also areas where reformed evangelicals committed to the inspiration of Scripture will differ. These would include: eschatology (end-time views); church government; miraculous gifts; the Sabbath. The SGF does not make these matters a test of fellowship, and opposing views may appear in some of our publications. We hope that doing this will promote a spirit of tolerance in those areas where we may differ, and where there are differences, we trust that all concerned will be willing to at least re-examine their beliefs in these things.

1689 London Confession of Faith
1644 London Confession of Faith

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